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Fightal - foggy green forest wallpaper living room extra large 151"x105"(It's not peel and stick)

Fightal - foggy green forest wallpaper living room extra large 151"x105"(It's not peel and stick)

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Brand: Fightal

Color: Forest 01


  • Size is 151"(385cm) X 105"(268cm),Because Amazon warehouse delivery limits the length, It will be divided into 7 parts. High-definition and high-resolution original image printing, after a few days of installation, the residual smell of printing will dissipate.
  • Our wall art mural material is called silk cloth, which is currently the most popular high-end decoration material (in China).
  • Features of the mural: bright color, durable, waterproof, Stain resistant, easy to take care of, durable, at least 10 years.
  • Wall decoration, can be pasted on the room, living room, bedroom. TV background wall, sofa background wall, art wall everywhere.
  • This product is not self-adhesive,this is not a wall paper wall "sticker".the installation needs (heavy wallpaper glue) construction accessories need to be purchased by yourself. If you can't install it, please buy it carefully. Thanks!
  • It may have a shortcoming, it is not self-adhesive, but the effect and quality are much better than self-adhesive.But it’s okay, most of them will paste wallpaper, you can use wallpaper accessories to paste the mural.
  • The construction is relatively simple,The accessories used for pasting murals are the same as those used for pasting wallpaper.As shown in Figure 3, the splicing method: just match the panel pattern and paste in order.

model number: SL-01

Part Number: SL-01

Details: Why choose Fightal murals? individuality wallpaper VS traditional wallpaper 1.Our murals are different from ordinary wallpapers, we call them individuality murals. individuality mural patterns can be colorful, traditional wallpaper patterns are very monotonous 2.He is the same as the traditional wallpaper construction method. 3.The traditional wallpaper will be broken as soon as it is torn, and the individuality wallpaper is made of good raw materials, and it will not be damaged no matter how it is torn. individuality wallpaper VS self-adhesive wallpaper Self-adhesive, he does have an advantage, that is, construction does not require auxiliary materials, just peel and paste. However, he also has many shortcomings. 1.He falls off easily, as fast as a few days. After all, self-adhesive glue is no match for heavy-duty wallpaper glue. There is no doubt about this. 2. Wrinkles appear in the installation of self-adhesive wallpaper, and it is directly scrapped. individuality wallpaper installation wrinkles, just scrape them off. 3.The so-called "removable wallpaper" of stickers is actually a lie. Any wallpaper, as long as it is attached to the wall, is impossible to tear off and continue to use. 4.The picture texture and color saturation of self-adhesive wallpapers are not as good as those of individuality wallpaper materials. Customers who have bought should know. Currently we have many style wallpapers. For example: forests, sandy beaches, cities, flowers, banana leaves, jungles, landscapes, cartoons, 3d murals, each series has many pictures for everyone to choose from. At the same time, More style wallpapers are being updated, so stay tuned. Thanks! It has to be said here that the effect of many customers after construction is very good and perfect. You get what you want and you are the best. fightal murals love you.

EAN: 0792933208942

Package Dimensions: 22.6 x 4.2 x 4.0 inches

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