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The Ultimate Guide to Washing your Down Comforter


So you have a dirty down blanket, throw or comforter and need to wash it. The good news is that is really is not that hard and can be done easily without damaging your down bedding.


With all that being said, we will get straight to it, here is the ULTIMATE guide to washing your down goodies; let's begin:


What You Will Need:


 Detergent Mild
Water Temperature Warm
Cycle Type Gentle
Drying Cycle Low
Washing Instructions Wash Alone (No other items in washer / dryer)
Dryer Balls Needed to ensure even drying


  1. Place Down comforter in washing machine (large format preferable for King / Extra Large items. *Spread your down comforter out as much as possible, do not throw in crumpled or folded.
  2. Use half the recommended amount of gentle detergent that you would normally use for a small load.
  3. Set your washing machine to gentle / delicates cycle with warm water. Do not use the hot water setting, if your machine has an extra rinse cycle, set this also to ensure all detergent has been rinsed off of your down throw.
  4. Run your washing machine and let it finish all cycles.
  5. Check your duvet or down comforter for any remaining soap suds. If you see any, run the duvet again on a rinse only cycle using cold water on gentle setting.
  6. Place your down comforter in the dryer (large format if available). *For best effect, add two to three dryer balls, available here
  7. Set your dryer on the lowest heat setting and start the drying cycle.
  8. After each cycle, remove your down bedding and flip it around so that you get as much even drying as possible. *this could take 3-5 drying cycles. depending on the size of your down comforter and dryer.
  9. All done! Additional line drying is optional for those in warm climates, this can also help eliminate any odors your blanket, duvet or throw may have.


*Stains! If you have any stains, spot clean with a stain remover and rag. gently dab your blanket, avoid rubbing and scrubbing. Do this before washing your down comforter.


Thats it! you are done, enjoy your freshly cleaned Down Comforter, throw, duvet or blanket.


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